Real Estate Focused Since 1996

The origins of RFA (an acronym for Realty Financial Advisors) date back over 20 years to 1996 when the company began as a private real estate investment and asset management firm. Its initial focus was distressed real estate opportunities and mezzanine mortgage lending. The founders of RFA are Alan Pyle and Don Rodney, both of whom held senior lending positions at large Canadian financial institutions. Combined, they have more than 80 years of commercial real estate experience in Canada.
Over the years, RFA has grown and earned the trust and respect of numerous private investors, family offices, and investment funds, for whom we source and manage real-estate focused investments.
Throughout its history, RFA has been successful in developing, investing, and operating a variety of real estate businesses, from brick and mortar properties (including a growing retirement home business with over 2000 beds), to an energy retrofit financing company, to most recently a publically traded REIT (“Real Estate Investment Trust”) known as Nexus REIT, with a market cap of approximately $177 million and a portfolio consisting of 62 commercial properties currently valued at approximately $480 million.
RFA’s entrance into the residential lending market is a natural extension of the company’s mortgage experience, and is the next business being launched by RFA. For the past three years, our management team has been building a residential mortgage finance company for market debut in 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is RFA Mortgage Corporation?

RFAMC is a Canadian privately owned and operated mortgage finance company dedicated to the mortgage brokerage market. The parent company of RFAMC has extensive experience in the Canadian mortgage industry and in developing real-estate related business platforms. Our financial strength, reputation and ability to forge strategic alliances uniquely positions RFAMC to bring innovation to the mortgage brokerage community.

What types of mortgage products can I expect?

With the increased complexity in the residential mortgage market, our focus will be on the delivery of clear, easy to understand mortgage products. We look forward to offering an expanding suite of products over time through our study of the market and through feedback from brokers. Ultimately, our goal is to introduce mortgage products to meet or exceed the needs of the Canadian borrower, driven by a philosophy of common sense decision-making.

Where will RFA Mortgage Corporation be lending?

Initially, our plans are to lend in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. We will expand our geographic reach as our business grows.

Why are you entering the market now, given all of the regulatory changes in the mortgage industry?

There are numerous challenges facing mortgage finance companies and mortgage brokers in today's market. For launch, we have secured favorable capital and funding sources to support our initial products. We are continually developing new products which we believe will provide mortgage brokers with a compelling alternative.

As a broker, why should I deal with you?

We know we have to earn your business: at a minimum, competitive rates and compensation structures are a must, and our focus will be on consistent, excellent customer service for both you and your clients. Further, we are a Canadian company, well- capitalized, and like all of RFA’s businesses, here for the long term. We are dedicated to building a formidable business in this space to help you and your clients achieve your goals.

How do I register to submit deals to RFA?

Please contact our Sales team to learn about becoming an RFA Broker.

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